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Kalagaraz's Blog

Making money online and games.

Lack of updates

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Sorry for the lack of updates. In the process buying and setuping a new domain. Should be able to get it up and running by sunday or monday. Watch here for a link to the new site when it's ready. Of course I didn't spend my own money for this. Buying it with money made from adsense and cashcrate.
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5 ways to increase traffic

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Anyone knows that if you want to make money from adsense or other ads, your going to need traffic to your blog. So I sat down and thought of a few ways to increase your traffic.

1. Search Engine Submission - Awhile back I signed up for a thing called bizbuzz which gave me a bunch of programs to submit my website to various places. One of the programs it linked me to was AllSiteCafe. I'm not too sure of the results submitting your site via allsitecafe, but anything is better than nothing. Supposedly submits to around 165 search engines at once.

2. Forum Signatures - This is one method I've always used. Sign-up for forums relevant to the content of your site and put your website and a valid description in your signature. Make some quality posts and eventually you'll get some more traffic. It really helps to spread the word of your site.

3. RSS feeds - If you look on the right you'll see I have a link to my RSS feed. RSS allows users to get content from your site more effiently. You can use programs like RSS Submit to instantly submit your feed to various RSS sites.

4. Link Popularity - Search engines put a lot of weight on how many people link to your site when determining your rank. Increasing the amount of websites that link to you can drastically increase your traffic by placing you higher on search lists and more paths for visitors to get to you. A good and obvious way to get links is to post good articles on your blog. Post something extremely useful and you'll have a flood of people linking it in their own blogs. You could also setup link exchanging with authors of blogs with similar content to yours.

5. Blog Commenting - Posting comments for articles on others blogs is a great way to get your name around. They can make you look more knowledable and have people put more trust in your own articles. Make sure your comments have a high degree of quality and you traffic will surely increase.

That's all for now. Hope this information proves useful to other people, and leads them in the right way to creating a successful blog.
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Treasure Trooper and InstantProfitz

I found a site similar to CashCrate called Treasure Trooper. Lots of high paying offers with a $20 minimum payout. I can't seem to find the payout options, but seems paypal is the preferred option on forums. Referals pay 20%(1st level)/5%(2nd level). Combined with CashCrate if your up to it, you could probally make a quick $200. Though after you complete the big offers, it gets slightly more difficult. Biggest money maker for these sites is of course referals.


I'm on a roll today InstantProfitz is another offer site I found. This one has a lot more totally free offers than the others, or it seems rather. I have to say the site is rather unorganized or more precisely an eye sore in my opinion. However, money is money.

You get $3 right of the bat for signing up. According to the site, 1st level referals range from 10%-20% and 2nd level 2%-5% and you get 25 cents for just a referal signing up. Lots of payment options, paypal, check, pre-paid credit card, certificates, and nanoipodfreebiz.com whatever that means.
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New Blog Design

Wasn't really satisfied with the old design as it was a standard blogger.com tempate, it didn't seem to work in my version of IE (worked for firefox though).

So I got this template from Gecko and Fly, which I like a lot better. It works in both IE and firefox, for me anywas, and is a lot more organized.

Feel free to leave any comments on how you feel about the new design, or any suggestions.
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Was googling for some ways to make money and came across http://www.problogger.net. Several articles on how you can make money with blogs, and excellent ideas on maximizing your AdSense revenue. If you run a blog, I highly suggest checking this one out.
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Inbox Dollars

I just remembered this website from a long time ago. Inbox Dollars , it's sorta like cash crate except they also do the paid e-mail thing and now surveys. For websites like this, I normally use gmail filter to route the e-mails to specific folders for that website so I don't get spammed like hell as reading the e-mails can be time consuming and not really worth the money vs time. Anyways, a long time ago I went and got a pre-paid credit card at the store down the road, and used it to sign up for some trial offers on inbox dollars, like AOL and stamps.com. I won't lie, cancelling the AOL account was a total pain in the ass, though I don't remember having any problems with stamps.com. I eventually got enough money to cash out and requested check payment. It took about 2-3 months to get my money via check, but I did get it. $50 is what I made I believe. You get $5 for each referal who requests their first check.

It's been awhile since I've used this, I had to create a new account with them just now and some things have probally changed.

Update: Just tried doing a survey which pays $1, gave me a survey for a new energy drink by mountain dew. It was extremely long, and then you get to a question that asks the age and gender of everyone in household. You can't seem to complete this page as it gives you errors when everything is right. So I would not recommend doing surveys yet. Not sure if it's intentional, or because it's in beta.

(Little Offtopic)

When trying to make money online without spending money, referals are a great way to do that. Find websites that will pay you referal commisions without you having to do any offers yourself and you can get some cash that way. I always post my referal link any time I have chance. (make sure you follow forum rules etc...).

Also do as I'm doing now. Create a blog, website, or something to get your referal links out there. Provide useful information, help others out, and you can get more referals. If you personally get a referal (By walking them through signing up etc...) don't abandon them after you collect a sign-up bonus or something. Be generous and answer any questions they may have later and try to keep close contact. You can make good friends that way, and can help each other make money by signing up for each others programs that you find.
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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Was discussing wii on IRC, which evolved into a discussion on handheld consoles. Some guy pointed me towards a handheld called the gp2x and I have to say it is amazing. It is completely opensource, so anyone can develop games for it. There are tons of games to download for it. It has twice the RAM as PSP, and almost identical screen and resolution. It runs linux OS by default too. It can play music, videos, e-books, anything anyone wants to develop for it. What I like too is there are tons of emulators available for download for it.

The official website is www.gp2x.com.

The cheapest place I could find to buy it is play-asia which is $169.

I plan on getting one as soon as I get the money.

I included a link to play-asia and cashcrate on the right. And a play-asia search feature at bottom of page. Play-asia is now my favorite place to buy things, cause they are extremely cheap. Also, play-asia pays your 12% commision on what people you refer buy. So that's definitly a plus. Make sure you check affiliate program if you sign-up.
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Adsense doing good

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Seems my new adsense account was setup correctly this time. I'm able to view the reports on my ads. Currently no activity, though I'm assuming this is because no one has clicked my ads rather than an error. Lots of school work, exspecially in my honors physics 2 class, so not much time for searching for more ways to make money online.
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First Blog

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I just created this blog to document serveral things. Number 1 is my quest to make money online without spending a dime. Other things I may post about are my adventures in game programming and various posts about any games I may be currently playing.

Currently having trouble with blogger + adsense. Apparently I had adwords on my original e-mail address and you can't have adsense and adwords on same account. However blogger didn't notice this and still said it had created account so I was unable to change the adsense account associated with blogger, and I had no adsense account. So, I created a second username Kalagaraz2, then created an adsense account on a seperate e-mail address and used it on blogger. Waiting to be verified and hopefully everything goes well.

Now as I said #1 thing about this blog is about making money online without spending any of my own. So I'm sure most of you know about this site already, and it is pretty awesome. CashCrate
allows you to complete offers and get paid for them. Some of them pay quite a lot, but require you to either buy things, or signup for free trials with credit cards. I'm not going to do that, as 1. I don't have a credit card, and 2. costs money which defeats the whole purpose.

Some of the offers though are like simple surveys and pay around $1-$2. Can easily build up some quick cash from those. Minimum payout is $5 via check so you can get a few dollars quickly if you need it. What I like those is the Visa gift card option. $28 minimum payout and a $3 fee, but it works exactly like a credit card almost. No monthly fees and that junk, but you get $25 you can spend online. You can use this to complete some of the other offers (not your own money technically ^_^), or use it to buy some stuff from online stores.

You also get 20% of what your referals make and 10% of what your referals, referals makes. Sound confusing? Maybe some REALISTIC numbers will help. (not those 10 friends recruit 10 friends who recruit 10 friends crap that never happens in real life) Anyways, you spend a day and manage to get one of your friends to sign up. He also has two friends who he recruits right off the bat. So he and his friends complete some offers over 1 week. He manages to make $50 and his two friends make $20 each. Guess how much you make?

You get 20% of $50 = $10
You get 10% of $20*2($40)= $4

So in total you make $14 from your friends making money. Get more friends, it really adds up.
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